Established by Neha Bajaj and Sumant Bajaj, Pearl Clothing is one of the leading names in the clothing industry when it comes to innovation. With over 20 years of experience in production and export, Pearl Clothing is equipped with cutting-edge machinery and modern technology. JULY, under Pearl Clothing, specifically caters to all nightwear needs of the modern-thinking woman.

While Neha Bajaj is a creative genius and a NIFT alumini, Sumant Bajaj has been a notable name in the manufacturing circuit for decades. Neha and Sumant noticed that there’s always been an abundance of dressing options for every part of life- be it work, play, special occasions and celebrations. But when it comes to sleepwear, the options were few and far in between. Of the options available, some were comfortable but lacked style, others were fashionable but scored low on the comfort factor. The sleepwear market was filled with ill-fitting garments and synthetic fabric that didn’t let the skin breathe, often leading to discomfort and broken sleep. Neha and Sumant saw that women had very little choice when it came to sleepwear that was functional and fashionable at the same time.